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 Bacon wrapped, deep fried, butter

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PostSubject: Bacon wrapped, deep fried, butter   Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:57 am

Bacon wrapped, deep fried, butter
I have a lot to say I just don’t always know how to say it

When pertaining to music, I don’t often speak in theory, or analogy, I speak in emotion,….where I was when I heard a certain song, how it made me feel, what I was wearing, who I was with ,…….what actions it inspired later

That’s a very selfish way to talk

I’m selfish in my music,…’s just for me, until I meet someone I think will benefit from it, as I might have,….and then I share it,…..i share it with my emotions in hopes it will evoke the same in others,……because it made me so excited, because it made me feel something ,…..

Being southern, there’s a few things that are sure to make me happy,…..things that are made of bacon, or butter, or deep fried

So bare with me, with my misspellings, with my “,…..”,……..because these things are my bacon wrapped deep fried butter,….

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PostSubject: Re: Bacon wrapped, deep fried, butter   Wed May 04, 2011 6:59 pm

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Bacon wrapped, deep fried, butter
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